New Orba Squara Video – “Gravel”

From Cassettes Won’t Listen to Crystal Castles to Jamie Lidell, we’ve seen a few videos recently where folks wear prosthetic heads (see also: Robyn and the Teddybears on Letterman last night). In the video for “Gravel,” it’s a gal riding a bike Disney-style and singing the falsetto of Mitch Davis, aka Orba Squara, aka the guy who wrote that iPhone song, aka “Perfect Timing (This Morning).” She’s pretty cute for having a cartoon head and all.

You might remember the song from this, too. Mitch likes commercials. Interesting, in light of our “Electronica Is Dead” conversation, he’s also been called (repeatedly) “the new Moby,” but his MySpace lists his instruments of choice as “steel string guitar, nylon string guitar, dobro, mandolin, ukulele, toy piano, xylophone, glockenspeil, rhodes, tube bells, ashbury bass, harmonica, melodica, accordian, piano, sitar, violin…” You get the point.

Sunshyness is out on Res Freq/Universal.

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