Stone Temple Pilots Bring Kimmel Some Reunited Rock, While Scott Weiland Feels Axl’s Pain

Last night the gods of ’90s-era modern rock radio wept a tear of happiness when the newly reunited Stone Temple Pilots performed “Vaseline” and didn’t entirely suck (although Scott gets a little too into the whirling dervish bit post-solo and forgets that he has to, like, sing).

God bless those DeLeo brothers. After the jump, Scott Weiland is not dead and he’s not for sale, but he is ready to talk about what the Albini-produced solo record will sound like, and how Axl maybe got the raw deal in the post GN’R breakup spin cycle.

“Tripping On A Hole In A Paper Heart”

Quite tight, save the rust on Weiland’s vocals. As maybe-explanation, he told Rolling Stone that his “voice was starting to get a little bit worn out” from a recent Velvet Revolver tour. Actually that interview has plenty more worth bits, including confirmation that there will be “a new [STP] record after this”; the rationale for the STP reunion (Dan calling Scott to say “There are a handful of festivals trying to reach out to us, and the money is pretty ridiculous”); and a quote that makes Weiland an unlikely but assured Axl apologist:

Slash and I were usually the ones who talked to each other first about things, then we’d go to the rest of the guys. And, unfortunately because of certain people’s egos, it ? I walked into a situation where there was a lot of baggage. I had a lot of baggage walking into my situation. I was in a band where at the end, it was pretty much three against one. And so I’m pretty sure that it felt that way to Axl as well. I have to say this, and I’m not just saying this now because of my situation I went through, but I heard a lot of great Guns n’ Roses stories you guys in the press will never hear. Everyone has made Axl out to be this horrendously crazy person, this bad guy, and I don’t know him very well at all. He and I for whatever reason got almost tricked into this little media spat for a moment because one of our band members happened to run into him and said that he said something. So, my point being that having been in a band with Velvet Revolver now for five and a half years, I’m not quite so sure that it was all Axl’s fault.

It’s like, why does it always have to be the lead singer. Matt Sorum in front of my face, he was the sweetest guy in the world. But there were some times, out of the blue, the guy just randomly hated me. We all carried our own baggage in that band. In a sense, that’s why people were intrigued, you know, especially for the first couple of years. Because they were kind of waiting on the trainwreck to happen. They just thought it would happen a lot sooner.

Also because we know you’re curious, here’s an update on Weiland’s Albini-helmed follow-up to 12 Bar Blues:

ROLLING STONE: How’s the solo record coming along?

SCOTT WEILAND: Basically done. Steve [Albini is] definitely my favorite rock producer. So we booked a session about a year and a half ago, and went in there and recorded four songs, and [we just went back] to record our basic tracks for four or five songs more. It’s going to be a double album. It’s garagey stuff and more hardcore stuff. Kind of like if Grandaddy bumped heads with Marvin Gaye.

That, we’ll have to hear. Read the rest of the interview here.