Julia Holter – “In The Same Room” Video

Julia Holter’s Ekstasis is one of my five favorite LPs of this young year. We’ve written about it, and her, a good deal now, via the filigreed, lacy new-baroque of “Marienbad” and others. Her new video for “In The Same Room” uses creative filmic techniques to express the track’s dreaminess. It’s directed by someone named Hilary Walsh, who I may or may not have went to high school with, and she offers a nice recap of the process here:

When I first heard to Julia’s “In The Same Room,” I felt an inherent response to portray the song through a day dream sequence. To convey the subconscious day dream wandering and create a surreal juxtaposition, we shot on Bolex, Super 8, and digital formats, and used sun-drenched landscapes mixed with interior shots. Wyatt, the editor, layered the files to give dimensional qualities to the interior shots. The song is about trying to remember someone or specifically place someone’s face. The layering of film formats, color themes, and shoot environments sequences represents the flooding of a lifetime of memories.


Julia’s Ekstasis is out 3/8 via RVNG. Please absorb that album, and then check out this mix she made for FACT.

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