Tanlines – “Brothers” Video (360º Video)

Jesse and Eric of Tanlines announced their forthcoming full-length Mixed Emotions with the bittersweet synth balm of “Brothers,” unforgettable unto itself for being the undisputed jam of that week. Propers to the production team of Weird Days, then, for giving that track a panoptic counterpart that is suitably memorable as well: Basically, click and drag around the screen below and you can “choose your own adventure” with a 360º look at a tight London apartment outfitted with a plasma screen, a piano, some bongos, and a guitar — focus on whichever of those, or of the two Tanlines brothers that suit you best. And if you don’t want any of that, just turn your attention to the standup special on the screen in back, where Jesse Cohen is delivering the best ’80s standup comedy special never seen. (Also, I’m told that while this is fun to watch on computer, it is “next level” on iPhone, so you can go and make that happen if you’d like, too.)

Tanlines Mixed Emotions is out via True Panther. Pre-order it.

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