The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Lambchop - "Gone Tomorrow" Video

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Lambchop - "Gone Tomorrow" Video

My two favorite music videos this week were slow, lyrical depictions of combat sports full of squalid shots of slovenly audience members and slow-motion images of gladiators at work. So, a note to music-video directors: Make more slow, lyrical depictions of combat sports. It’s always awesome. Click below for this week’s list.

5. Tanlines – “Brothers” (Dir. Weird Days)

“Two dudes playing music in a room” is not exactly the most exciting music-video concept the world has ever seen. But the 360ยบ technology here, which allows you to ban around and check out whichever part of the room you want, makes the whole thing considerably more interesting. As that technology becomes more widespread, I’m sure plenty of directors will find plenty of cool stuff to do with it. For now, this casual clip is plenty.

4. Rhye – “Open” (Dir. ?) (NSFW)

This languid video is practically softcore porn — it shows a revolving door of humping couples — but it works artistically, too, showing the awkward, fun parts of sex as well as the more traditionally televisual sexy parts. Gorgeous song, too.

3. EMA – “Take One Two” (Dir. EMA)

For her anti-bullying benefit single, Erika M. Anderson unearths mid-’90s footage of her and her teenage punk friends having fun with each other in a South Dakota trailer. It’s adorable, heartwarming stuff, and it gets her message across better than any old polemic could possibly do.

2. UNKLE – “Another Night Out” (Feat Mark Lanegan) (Dir. Toby Dye)

A grimy British boxing match gets the full Raging Bull treatment, with chiseled, broken down movies moving in mythic high-contrast black-and-white and beating the shit out of each other. Just an awesome video. And really, the only reason I rated this one behind the Lambchop video is that I like wrestling better than boxing. That’s it.

1. Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow” (Dir. Zack Spiger)

One of the great truths about professional wrestling: Even in its shittiest, most low-budget and backwater incarnations, it’s still an inspiring thing: A base, simplistic form of theater, not that far removed from what the Greeks invented, performed by people who love the art and have virtually no chance of making an honest living off of it. This video captures all of that, and I love it.

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