The Flaming Lips Bring “Watching The Planets” To Conan

The Flaming Lips have already done Colbert in support of their recently released, return-to-freak LP Embryonic, but there’s something particularly amusing about seeing the Coyne company bring the gong-banging soundtrack to a bad-acid flashback “Watching The Planets”‘ to NBC’s 11:30 time slot. But then again, the network’s viewers were just slogging through the 10PM-slot mindfuck of passing off Jay Leno as “comedy,” which is even trippier. Wayne’s collapse in a put-on ’60s psych stupor at song’s end being immediately succeeded by Conan’s sunny salutation is fun, but not as much as the juxtaposition of this performance being followed by the Tonight Show Band’s goofy funtimes theme song.

(via TMS)

Embryonic is out, and furry. Tomorrow (10/15) in Los Angeles, there will be a one-time only Flaming Lips pop-up store at at the Nike / Ricardo Montalban Theater, located at 1615 Vine St. in Hollywood. They’ll have tons of weird Lips goodies, and the band will play a MySpace secret show which promises some surprises. Hmm.