Rufus Wainwright – “Montauk”

Mark Ronson’s producing the forthcoming Rufus record Out Of The Game, a 12-song set featuring cameos from Nick Zinner, Sean Lennon, Nels Cline, Thomas Doveman Bartlett, and sister Martha. Rufus has called it his “poppiest” album to date, containing some of his most “danceable” singles. Now, forget all of that because it’s absolutely irrelevant with respect to the LP’s first single, “Montauk,” which is a rolling-arpeggio/piano ballad that is neither dancey nor poppy nor accompanied by anything other than Rufus and his keys. The lyrics are about family and about Montauk, which is fair enough since Rufus and his partner own a home in Montauk, and Rufus has a one-year-old daughter, Viva. Write what you know, etc. Hear it here:


Out Of The Game is due 4/23 via Decca.