New Brendan Canning – “Hit The Wall”

Now that Broken Social Scene is through Presenting Kevin Drew, the collective can move on to Presenting other people who make music. But first, what exactly constitutes a Broken Social Scene Presents billing? From what we can tell, the artist in question must:

  1. be a member of Broken Social Scene
  2. have lots of people from Broken Social Scene and/or Canada do cameos on the solo record in question
  3. have a beard

So with KD out of the way, BSS take the logical next step of pimping the wares of one Brendan Canning, Broken Social bassist and Kevin’s tour mate throughout his Spirit If…ing. In fact, we first heard a Brendan tune at McCarren Pool, in the midst of Drew’s set opening for Feist. That day we were worried about Brendan’s vocal presence, but this track from the forthcoming Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning: Something For All Of Us… has us thinking the studio, mutlple takes and multiple tracking’s been very kind to him.

Brendan Canning – “Hit The Wall” (MP3)

“Hit The Wall”‘s got the raggedy guitar racket, hi-hat grooving, and busy high-register bass that marks many Broken Social Scene jams, and the LP’s guest list (remember the rules for being a BSS Presents…) helps explain why: expect contributions from Broken Social Scenesters Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff, Jason Collett, Lisa Lobsinger, Apostle of Hustler Andrew Whiteman, Ohad Benchetrit, Stars’ Amy Millan, Metric’s James Shaw, Liam O’Neill, and even Land of Talk’s Lizzie Powell (she’s Canadian, so it counts).

Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning: Something For All Of Us… is out 7/22 via Arts & Crafts. The artwork fits the Spirit If… aesthetic, and it goes even deeper: If you hit Brendan’s site, there’s an infinite video scene reminiscent of Kevin Drew’s ceral-and-porn munching loop. Only Brenand’s clip features him gawking at a different sort of money shot. Check it, and here’s your tracklist:

01 “Something For All Of Us”
02 “Chameleon”
03 “Hit The Wall”
04 “Snowballs And Icicles”
05 “Churches Under The Stairs”
06 “Love Is New”
07 “Antique Bull”
08 “All The Best Wooden Toys Come From Germany”
09 “Possible Grenade”
10 “Been At It So Long”
11 “Take Care, Look Up”