Ryan Adams Covers Dio

Among musicians who don’t actually make metal, Ryan Adams is one of the biggest metal fans; he’s right up there with John Darnielle. And he’s never been shy to cover old triumphant metal tunes in his own solo-acoustic way; we posted his version of Ratt’s “Round And Round” just last month. This past weekend in Los Angeles, he encored by taking on Dio’s absurd, glorious “Holy Diver,” introducing it with some nice words about the departed metal icon Ronnie James. A fan, blatantly flouting the show’s no-camera-phones rule, caught it on video and posted it to YouTube, and we’ve got it below.

(via Beats Per Minute)

Fun fact that you probably already know: If you look at Dio’s logo upside-down, it spells “devil.” I always thought that was awesome.

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