Spank Rock Will Toss Your Salad

We actually didn’t even plan on trying to see Naeem at Coachella because we’ve YoYoYoYoYoYod it up with him plenty of times prior, but the news that he didn’t make his set due to hospitalization was sad and inescapable. We’re not sure what ailed young master Juwan, but he’s taking this “adopt a healthier lifestyle” thing pretty seriously. Per doctor’s orders: it’s not enough to eat salads, nor even to toss salads — Naeem now pimps his salads. This comes via the eagle eyes at

Kraft realized the untapped potential of indie music and salad dressing with the Flaming Lips, so we’re in the midst of an age of full-blown indie/salad demographic hybridization. Heady times, you guys.

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