Stereogum’s Proposal For An Indie Rock Wing To The NJ Hall Of Fame

Since one ‘Gum staffer was born and bred in NJ (hey, Brandon, South Jersey represent), we figure it’s OK for us to weigh in on the Garden State’s new Hall Of Fame. Via AP:

The Hall of Fame exists only as a virtual entity now, but officials are raising money to build a permanent museum. The first class was chosen through an online vote after 25 finalists were announced in 2006.

All inductees must have lived in the state for at least five years, though organizers made an exception to that rule for Underground Railroad pioneer Harriet Tubman.

The inaugural class is 15 strong with people from various disciplines. As far as music goes, it’s Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra. You can see the rest of the pretty obvious list — Thomas Edison, Yogi Berra, Albert Einstein, Toni Morrison, Meryl Streep, Vince Lombardi, etc. — here. All due respect to the Boss and Old Blue Eyes, of course, but the official list got us thinking of New Jerseyians who’ve been especially important to us musically. We easily could come up with dozens (and dozens) if we cast our net too widely, so we opted to keep it indie: This means no Queen Latifah, Bon Jovi, Kool And The Gang, Fugees, Naughty By Nature, My Chemical Romance (ummm….). Maybe we’re splitting hairs, but we even opted against Thursday and the Misfits. Basically, if you were a kid in NJ, these are the bands you might’ve gotten to play your backyard hardcore matinee or indie-rock festival. Our inductees, in no particular order…

  • Yo La Tengo
  • Danielson Famille
  • Lifetime
  • Deadguy
  • Dillinger Escape Plan
  • Rorschach
  • The Feelies
  • Ted Leo
  • Turning Point
  • Fountains Of Wayne

Bowing to Brandon’s early years, there are tons more hardcore and post-hardcore bands that we’d nominate (You And I). Also, early Bouncing Souls (and their amazing New Brunswick backyard shows) also deserve respect. Does Uncle Floyd count? Anyway, consider this thread the official repository of potential inductees for when you (never) actually erect an indie rock wing, New Jersey. Time to remind folks that there’s more indie to the Garden State than Zach Braff’s iPod.