MTV Brings Lo-Fi To Whoever It Is That Still Watches MTV

It wasn’t too long ago that MTV hipped us to that crazy Brooklyn scene. Now, years after Guided By Voices, Shrimper cassettes, the Grifters’ One Sock Missing, Peter Jefferies, Harry Pussy, Sebadoh III, and Siltbreeze made “lo-fi” a buzz word amongst our parents’ generation, they’re teaching us youngsters about lo-fi via No Age, Times New Viking (ex-Siltbreeze, yo), Jay Reatard, Psychedelic Horseshit, and others in a segment called “Please Play Loud.” We’ll say this: John Norris’s hair continues to be very lo-fi. Also, he disses Timbaland because Timbaland is very 2007. All joking aside, there’s some cool live footage and a number of chewy quotes regarding music functioning as a Polaroid (Jay Reatard) or a conscious aesthetic choice (Times New Viking) in reaction to overworked excess. Yes, we knew this already, but still.

“Let’s make the best music that we want to listen to all the time,” say No Age. Agreed … Nouns rules. Did you notice how Jay spoke about lo-fi in the past tense? Subtle and smooth. He got his point across without punching anyone.