Gorillaz – “DoYaThang” (Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000)

“DoYaThing,” the previously-announced blockbuster collaboration from the Gorillaz, James Murphy, and Andre 3000 is now online in radio-rip form, and we’ve got it streaming below. As promised, Damon Albarn quasi-raps a couple of verses before Andre jumps onto the track and generally rips him to shreds. Also, Murphy sings the chorus in a weirdly squeaky voice. Listen to the whole gleaming trainwreck below.

UPDATE: Here’s the official recording:
Gorillaz – “DoYaThing” (Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000)
And a 13-minute version can be heard here.

The song will be available for free download at the Converse website tomorrow, and the people at the shoe company should feel proud that they are subsidizing Geto Boys references.

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Gorillaz Chuck Taylors