New Miles Kurosky (Ex-Beulah) – “An Apple For An Apple”

Ex-Beulah crooner Miles Kurosky has himself a MySpace and a new song (and a bird). Tipster Ferg tells us other Beulah alum Bill Swann sent the link to the band’s mailing list. And, as Kurosky writes in a post over at his MySpace titled “Cinco de Mayo 2008,” with a Current Mood of “virginal”:

Hello Friends, it’s May 5th and I’m officially on Myspace. How did I ever live without it?? Anyway, I’ve posted a song called “An Apple for an Apple.” I think it’s the final version, but who knows, it could change. Hopefully you all like it. That’s all, XO, M.

Nothing more needs be said. For those of you who miss the San Francisco E6-ers, it’ll be a good reminder of those halcyon days, especially the mid-tune sing-a-long and continual build. Listen.