New Atlas Sound – “My Car” (From The Free Things I’ll Miss EP)

Bradford Cox takes a lot of heat from various corners, but say what you will about his on and off-stage antics, the man has a knack for prolifically turning out brilliant, seemingly off-the-cuff bedroom-ambient recordings. He’s also a prolific blogger. These things collide with Things I’ll Miss, a five-song EP Cox has posted over at the Deerhunter blog. We like the three instrumentals, but the real action takes place amid “My Car”‘s tambourine, guitar and sleepy, Slumberland-era Lilys melodies: “My car is so white / especially at twilight / my car is so bright / especially at twilight.”

Atlas Sound – “My Car” (MP3)

We also dig the more abstracted closer, “Marietta,” which is named after BC’s childhood stomping grounds, and includes lyrics so pretty, we’re reprinting ‘em:

courting the girl with one leg / recording a tape of wind / passing notes when / i could get away with anything / trusting the spring / to bring loads of fireflies / to the field coated in fog / to that field coated in fog / captured in my hands / i captured them in my hands / smashed smashed / against the ground / neon blood all around

As he notes in his EP post, “The worst part of playing music is the homesickness that comes with being on tour all the time.” And, as is clear in these songs, also just getting older. You can download Things I’ll Miss, complete with artwork and lyrics, over here. You might want to take listen while wearing headphones.