Monthly Mix

Stereogum Monthly Mix: February 2012

February’s Monthly Mix makes up for the grievous error in January’s Monthly Mix, namely having omitted Bear In Heaven’s “Reflection Of You.” No offense (none taken). That song’s great! Here it comes flowing out of Violens’ smooth and shifty new wave, and into Diplo’s bounce showcase “Express Yourself,” which in turn dives into Ceremony’s hardcore, Xiu Xiu’s exquisite mopery, POND’s slow-fried psychedelia, Mirroring’s sublime amniotic drift, Mirel Wagner’s morbid folk, and Sun Kil Moon’s folk uplift. Really we’re stitching together a genre quilt, with BTW Doe Paoro and Charli XCX’s buoyant dance-pop coming closest to treading shared terrain. It all opens with Spencer Krug’s best track in awhile as Moonface (thankfully no longer exclusively a “marimba and shit-drums” project), and you can download it all in one pop here:

Stereogum Monthly Mix: February 2012 (.zip, 85.1MB)

01 Moonface – “Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips”
02 Doe Paoro – “Body Games”
03 Charli XCX – “I’ll Never Know”
04 Violens – “Unfolding Black Wings”
05 Bear In Heaven – “The Reflection Of You”
06 Diplo – “Express Yourself” (Feat. Nicky Da B)
07 Ceremony – “Adult”
08 Xiu Xiu – “Beauty Towne”
09 POND – “Mystery”
10 Mirroring – “Fell Sound”
11 Mirel Wagner – “No Death”
12 Sun Kil Moon – “Sunshine In Chicago”

Respect as always to Scott Lapatine for that cover image. He’s a creative.