‘Gum Drop Giveaway #36

A couple days ago we posted about the Arcade Fire and Superchunk’s pair of “Change Rocks” shows in Carrboro, NC. Turns out Paper Trail, LTD., a company that commissions poster artists to design posters for touring bands, had Miami-based Kristen Thiele do something for those outdoor dates. (We checked out her site and dig her work quite a bit — check out the To Live And Shave In L.A.) This is what this one looks like:

The posters are in a limited-edition of 100 signed copies. It’s the first in a series of posters documenting Obama’s “Change Rocks” sponsored shows. A different artist will be commissioned by Paper Trail to create a limited edition press of 100 posters (each individually signed and numbered) for each of the upcoming shows. These were available at the NC shows, but if you couldn’t make it, here’s your chance to pretend you did.

UPDATE: Please note this poster was not commissioned by the bands, but by the poster company via Senator Obama’s “Change Rocks” series. More info about Paper Trail’s limited edition posters here.