Elf Power – “Mutiny”

Last month longstanding Athens-born E6 crew Elf Power released their ninth album In A Cave on Rykodisc. They recorded “Mutiny” during the Cave sessions. It didn’t end up on the final tracklist, but you can hear it in this week’s Drop. We spoke with frontman Andrew Rieger about the apocalyptic storyline behind this horn-lined chunk of psychedelic pop.

Why a mutiny? In the narrative, things are being burnt and purified, and we’re starting over. Metaphor? Or is there some sort of literal cleansing you’d like to initiate?
I wrote the lyrics after reading a book by the author Derrick Jensen called Endgame, which basically advocates ending human civilization for the good of the planet. He believes that we’ve exhausted the earth’s non renewable resources to such a point that the collapse of human civilization is inevitable … basically, in his eyes, it’s too late to save the world. I found this idea pretty intriguing, though obviously quite grim, so I wrote this song with that in mind, sort of seeing the world in this sort of post-collapse scenario. Let me just say that though I don’t completely agree with a lot of what Jensen has to say, I liked the idea of viewing this scenario in song form.

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