Bear In Heaven – “The Reflection Of You (CFCF Remix)”

Just yesterday we were talking about how Bear In Heaven’s “The Reflection Of You” was the best and gave it some overdue monthly mix treatment because it didn’t make January’s cut (because it wasn’t a free MP3 in January, not because it didn’t occur to me, for the record). Right on time to capitalize on that BUZZ, BiH have released a new remix to drive home the point that this song is great! In the hands of Canadian remix maestro CFCF, “Reflection” becomes a more electronic dance track featuring a muzak synth solo that slicks the lovesick cut in gooey, tasteful cheese. Like the original, you can dance to it. It’s the second remix of the song to date (see also: Lovelock). May there be many more. Hear CFCF’s, download the original, all below:

Take the original and love it like it deserves to be loved:

Bear In Heaven – “The Reflection Of You”