The Flaming Lips Pop-Up Store In Los Angeles 10/15/09

The Lips had a busy week in Los Angeles, officially releasing Embryonic and freaking out Conan on Tuesday, followed by last night’s pop-up store/Q&A/meet and greet/performance at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre. For 30 minutes the band took questions via Twitter, sharing some band trivia (the bunny suit’s origin came thanks to a guy on mushrooms) and interesting future plans: They’ve collaborated with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs to cover the entire Dark Side Of The Moon LP with guest spots from Peaches and Henry Rollins. Also those with a distaste for Kraft dressing will be glad to learn the proceeds from their use of songs in commercials benefit a music school in Oklahoma, along with various animal shelters.

After that session there was a performance of new tunes, including “Convinced of the Hex,” “Silver Trembling Hands,” “See the Leaves,” “I Can Be a Frog” (with the crowd on Karen O vocal effects), and “Watching the Planets.” And of course there was the pop-up store, with tons of Embryonic goods including the limited edition fur-cased vinyl, where the band sat to hand out and sign posters after the show. The night wrapped with the band debuting their naked biker video; when it’s internet ready we’ll obviously post it so you can watch it not from work, but in the meantime you can peruse this gallery of the Lips’ naked recruits from the video shoot. Andrew Youssef was onhand to report these details, and delivers this photo set.