Sample Julian Casablancas’ Phrazes For The Young

The promotional campaign started with a preview trailer and classical music-dropping onscreen interview to whet folks’ appetites. Now that you’re plenty familiar with “11th Dimension,” take a listen to some snippets of the seven other tracks on the Strokes man’s solo debut … to further whet your appetite. It’s a bit difficult absorbing an album as a 4-minute-and-change collage — even in the age of ADD — but it’ll give you an idea.

Another way to follow along:

01 “Out of the Blue”
02 “Left & Right in the Dark”
03 “11th Dimension”
04 “4 Chords of the Apocalypse”
05 “Ludlow St.”
06 “River of Brakelights”
07 “Glass”
08 “Tourist”

Phrazes For The Young is out 11/3 via Cult/RCA. (Yes, that’s a new release date.) If you recall, other songs popped up live, but they disappeared before you had a chance to get too used to them.