Santigold: LMFAO Makes Me Cry

Speaking with Pitchfork on Friday, Santigold very colorfully goes into detail about recording her new record as well as her thoughts on the pop landscape. But, you know, since this is Where’s The Beef?, we’re totally gonna pick out the part where she talked shit. Behold:

I’m disappointed with the state of music right now, but it’s not really about anybody specific. I think there’s a lack of true art, and the fanfare is valued over actual substance. It’s like you don’t have to make good music to be fucking huge. Now, I’ll say that, and all the little kids will be like, “Fuck you. I hope you die.” [laughs] Don’t let them think you dissed Lady Gaga!

I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards. I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack shit. I’m sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren’t they a joke band? That type of shit makes me cry. I’m like, “Really?”

(via Pitchfork)

Joke band, Santi?! You’re talking about direct descendents of Motown royalty and one of the best party rock groups ever to feature an uncle and his nephew! Does that mean nothing to you?

But, seriously. Santigold’s new album, Master of My Make Believe, is out 5/1 via Downtown/Atlantic.

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