Charlotte Hatherley – “Full Circle”

Ex-Ash guitarist and recent Bat For Lashes touring guitarist Charlotte Hatherley recorded her third solo album (and Minty Fresh US debut) New Worlds in a week in London without demos or overdubs. Fittingly, standout “Full Circle” looks emphatically at stripping away the extraneous.

“Full Circle” is a call to arms. What inspired it?
For this record I was mostly inspired by art and painters, particularly Kandinsky’s color theory. I loved his quest for finding the truth hidden in nature, and his experiments with our instinctive and emotional response to shapes and colors. Those reactions are the most truthful, and finding the truth underneath all our layers is what I’m most interested in. I wanted to create a vibrant, bright and optimistic record. It’s about taking action against the throwaway and bland X factor muzak you hear so much at the moment and daring to create long lasting, durable things of beauty.

How does the concept of something coming full circle fit into it? A triangle’s brought up, but not as an ends.
It’s more about shapes and pure blocks of color creating a visceral and emotional response. It could have been a triangle or a square, but I liked the sound of a full circle more!