Here’s The Santigold Master Of My Make-Believe Album Cover

Earlier today, The New York TimesT Magazine revealed the new album art for Santigold’s new album, Master of My Make-Believe, and that’s it up above. And, some real high-art shit went into the process, that article reveals:

For the picture, she hired the photographer Jason Schmidt to shoot her three ways: as attendants wearing custom bodysuits designed by Alexander Wang in what she calls “Bond-girl, gold of course!”; as a distinguished army officer in a painting by the artist Kehinde Wiley; and as a dominating mafia Don in the center — “Some sort of ruler in my own reality,” Santi calls it.

Referencing the 18th-century British artist Joshua Reynolds’s painting of Banastre Tarleton titled “Portrait of an Officer,” Wiley’s depiction of Santi is, in fact, his first of a woman ever (up until this point his work has focused solely on African-American men, whom he places against vividly colorful and cartoonish floral backdrops).

(via T Magazine)

The Times also posted a requisite “Making Of Video,” which you can see here.

Master of My Make-Believe is out 5/1 on Downtown/Atlantic Records.

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