Watch Ben Gibbard Act In Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

The Death Cab cutie has stopped at nothing in paving his way into Hollywood for this silver screen debut. He wrote a song for that vampire movie. He even married an actress! Very method. Gibbard’s time has finally come, playing one of the hideous men briefly interviewed by Sarah Quinn (two “n”s) in John Krasinski’s big screen adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s short-story collection Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. We saw him making the rounds at Sundance, but now we get to watch him work it out in front of a camera with this excerpt of his performance in the film. As far as lead singers go, he does a pretty OK job! Watching it I’m reminded of the old show biz maxim, “Acting is all in the hands.” Which actually isn’t an old show biz maxim, I just made it up. But if it were true, Ben would win all the awards. His hands are a great actor.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men also stars Will Arnett and Will Forte, so that is good.