Brian Chippendale Welcomes Us Aboard The Magic Pus

Interestingly, after MTV taught us about all that lo-fi business, Lightning Bolt drummer and Björk collaborator Brian Chippendale mailed us a copy of Black Pus 4: All Aboard The Magic Pus, the fourth full-length from his one-man side project. (It was recorded on cassette tape. Remember that stuff?) As with the past Black Pus offerings, it comes wrapped in beautiful hand-screened packaging, showcasing the man’s skills as a comic artist. This time, to our surprise, it also came with the closing track, “Body On The Tide,” which reminded us somehow of Guided By Voices. As much as a Chippendale song will ever remind us of GBV. Seriously, though, check out these vocal lines.

Black Pus – “Body On The Tide” (MP3)

“Plant a flower in the morning light / Bike around, enjoy the sites / Will I recover from my dream last night where all my friends had died?” So that’s also some sensitive Chippendale, for sure. You can hear the super “Juggernaut,” a new one with more drum clatter, along with songs from the previous releases (and one future on via Load … look for it this fall) at MySpace. Also, Brian has an art show coming up 5/19 at Stairwell Gallery in Providence, RI.

Black Pus 4: All Aboard The Magic Pus is out on Brian’s own Diareahrama Records. You can get more details at the aforementioned MySpace.