New Real Tuesday Weld – “Over The Hillsides”

We really dug the electro-tinged cabaret of the Real Tuesday Weld, aka Stephen Coates’ sixth album The London Book of the Dead. Before that collection had time to cool off, Coates has a new imaginary live release, The End of the World, which takes place in an imaginary club. As Coates puts it:

The End of the World is a valedictory “performance” recorded on the eve of Valentine’s Day at the mysterious/mythical End Of The World club in London. The band performed a set of pre-apocalyptic junkyard blues songs about, in honor of, and inspired by dreams and dreaming in a one-off set recorded especially for this release. Special guests appear and disappear as both performers and audience prepare themselves to say goodbye and to face an uncertain future realizing that only heaven knows what tomorrow will bring.”

The late-night lounge of “Over The Hillsides” comes complete with faux applause and yodeling. How meta/Sound Of Music is that?

The Real Tuesday Weld – “Over The Hillsides” (MP3)

Pretty. Cheers to you, too, Chris.

The End of the World is out in June on Six Degrees.

Catch the Real live for real:

07/06 – Montreal, Canada @ Montreal Jazz Festival
07/16 – San Francisco, CA @ Cafe du Nord
07/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Grand Performances