Sad Kermit Covers Elliott Smith

It isn’t easy being green, nor is it easy knowing how to react when Sad Kermit uploads videos to YouTube. If you’ve been on the internet before you’ve seen his syringe-ful take on “Hurt.” Today it’s all about his “Needle In The Hay” cover, which is mostly wrong with a little bit of right (nice recreation of the dark Luke Wilson moment from The Royal Tenenbaums). As Lindsay says, “Too soon Kermie. Too soon.” But still it exists, which means you have to watch it. Videogum also has John Mayer’s latest attempt at being funny in a Judd Apatow-directed clip which is meant to joke about who he is as an artist, but which Gabe says actually reveals just how fucking rich John Mayer really is:

I don’t think people realize how much money John Mayer actually has. It’s so much. He made a joke about it in that video of him recording with Kanye (go back and listen to “Daughters,” bitches), but it’s most visible in his apparent disregard for his media image. He’s the Regional Vice President of Fucking With Ryan Seacrest. Not to mention his weird drop in sets at New York comedy clubs, like whuuuuuut. Dude just doesn’t care, and you know who doesn’t care? People who can afford not to care. But I think this video really ends it. He’s not “playing” with his image at this point, he’s donkey punching it and then leaving it by a highway exit ramp.

We watched. And we agree.

But at least it has JB Smoove in it.