MySpace Brought Neil Diamond Back To The Bitter End For A “Secret Show”

Last night, while you were busy not standing in line with a printout of your MySpace profile with Secret Shows in your top friends on Bleecker St., these people were:

And most of ‘em wound up looking at this:

[photo by Marisafaith]

Honestly, was Gelmania at Rififi worth it? Yeah, probably. But acknowledge the awesomeness that must have been seeing Neil fucking Diamond at a place as tiny as the Bitter End (capacity: 110 JD McNugents), down in the NYU drinking quad Village. Speaking of, the Voice got setlist:

“Solitary Man”
“Don’t Go There”
“Home Before Dark”
“Really Amazing Grace”
“Kentucky Woman”
“Cherry, Cherry”
“Sweet Caroline”

And the crowd got the video:

“Sweet Caroline”

“Kentucky Woman”

“Cherry Cherry”

“Pretty Amazing Grace”

“After the club filled up, Paul, the owner, opened the window and put a speaker in it so everybody outside could hear the concert!” said YouTuber cgwolf, who caught the sidewalk footage. Pretty cool, Paul. Neil Diamond Blog (true name, unofficial site) reports that Matt Sweeney was on guitar, and that Neil wore black slacks, shirt and a brown leather jacket.

So why was ND catering to the MySpace set? In support of new LP Home Before Dark … which Billboard says is on track to be his very first number one album! We’re not gonna say it.

Yeah we are: Diamonds really are forever, guys. Had to be done. Just look at the man.

Neil Diamond @ the Bitter End
[photo via]

Neil, we wanna party with you. C’mon a yeah, ha.