New Cold Cave Video – “Love Comes Close” (Stereogum Premiere)

The title track from BTW Cold Cave’s Love Comes Close — originally released on their own Heartworm Press imprint — nails a dreamy, soul-sick New Order vibe, but the shape-shifting Philadelphia/New York outfit approach the formula with a much darker undertone (as if Ian Curtis sang “Bizarre Love Triangle,” or whatever). The group, which now contains Dominick Fernow of Prurient/Ash Pool and ex-Xiu Xiu multi-instrumenatlist Caralee McElroy — explore noisier and weirder territories on the collection — a big reason it’s of of my favorites this year and The Trees Grew Emotions And Died was a favorite in ’08 — but sometimes a simple icy pop song works wonders. Old and new members stand in the shadows, get ritualistic, and discover beauty in a few darker corners in the Art Boonparn-directed video for the track.

Love Comes Close is being reissued 11/3 via Matador.

Speaking of Cold Cave, we’re closing up early today (and getting a late start tomorrow) because we’ll be kicking off CMJ week tonight at the Studio @ Webster Hall with Cold Cave, the Golden Filter, Free Energy, and Glasser, etc. If you RSVP’d: Checking hundreds of names on a list can get messy, and result in inevitable lines, so please arrive early to guarantee admission. Here are the set times:

Band Set times
8:00 PM: Glasser
8:45 PM: Free Energy
9:30 PM: The Golden Filter
10:30 PM: Cold Cave

DJ Set times
11:15 PM: Dum Dum Girls
12:15 AM: Fool’s Gold
1:00 AM: Telepathe

For your iPod:

Cold Cave – “Life Magazine” (MP3)
The Golden Filter – “Thunderbird” (MP3)
Free Energy – “Free Energy” (MP3)
Glasser – “Apply” (MP3)
Dum Dum Girls – “It Only Takes One Nite” (MP3)
Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel” (MP3)
Telepathe – “So Fine (Chairlift Remix)” (MP3)

If you can’t make it out tonight, no worries: The show will be streaming live via East Village Radio. And, of course, we’ll be covering CMJ all week here and on Twitter, in addition to our regular posting schedule.