New PAS/CAL – “You Were Too Old For Me”

After a series of EPs, Detroit crew PAS/CAL’s debut full-length I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Laura is just around the corner (if you consider July around the corner). The excellent “You Were Too Old For Me” isn’t about R. Kelly, instead it’s elegant ’60s-via-E6-inflected pop with a tad Dan Bejar to its lit (listen at 1:15) and — seriously — something about that phrasing that’s made us think about Cursive’s Domestica for the first time in years. Like, if Cursive was writing baroque pop, ahem. The track’s about frontman Casimer Pascal’s dad — at least in part. As he says:

I have some daddy issues. I admit it. My old man succumbed to the Cancer nearly a decade ago, but every time I sit down to write a new tune it’s amazing how many allusions to him creep in. I guess the plan for this song was that it was gonna be an exorcism of sorts. I figured if I could just fit it all in one neat container I could regain a lil’ control — possibly even choose to throw the whole damned thing out and move on. That was the plan anyway…

All that, a million parts, and please note the “heroic drum rolls” and mid-song emotional entreaty.

PAS/CAL – “You Were Too Old For Me” (MP3)

Epic. That baby in the pic is emanating a rainbow, by the way.

I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Laura is out 7/22 on Le Grand Magistery.