New jj Video – “Things Will Never Be The Same Again,” “Intermezzo,” & “My Love”

In this clip, the mysterious electro-acoustic Sincerely Yours crew sew together three jj N° 2 tracks without bothering to hide the stitches. It’s one of those rare moments when something isn’t over-saturated with information (or an overly-pretentious attempt at non-information), so best to keep these words to a minimum and let you watch the Swede(s) unfold the dream logic amid shadowy fireworks, swan-dotted/mountain-backed waters, and temperate open windows, all in a place that probably looks more inviting than where you are right now.

Another direction:

JJ – “From Africa To Ma?laga” (MP3)

JJ N° 2 is out via Sincerely Yours.

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