Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) – “As I Love My Own”

Last year, Aaron Freeman (who is best known as Gene Ween) announced that he was putting together a solo record, a 13-song tribute to poet and musician Rod McKuen. Freeman talked to Slate recently about the record:

Slate: That’s something some critics seem to have missed — or maybe they would simply disagree. There’s this take on McKuen that he’s light and superficial and schmaltzy.

Freeman: Yeah, you know, you can make a lot of parallels to Ween that way. Maybe that’s why I like him. People see us as this crazy, quacky duo. And yeah, if you listen to a couple of our songs you get that impression. If you actually listen to a couple of our records, it gets pretty fucked up, and it’s not so quirky. I drew a lot of parallels with Rod that way. I love music like that. It’s like Brian Wilson. Or any great artist, really.

(via Slate)

They also shared a new track from the record, “As I Love My Own,” which is down below.

Marvelous Clouds is out 4/10 on Partisan Records.