Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week, we greeted new drops from Radiohead and Andre 3000, and welcomed to the site a new feature called DECONSTRUCTING, in which the great Julianne Escobedo Shepherd instigated a hundred conversations related to the aesthetics of Grimes. (And while we are speaking of “great” and “Grimes,” the new “Oblivion” video by Grimes is great!) The NoJo/Danger Mouse partnership is bearing fruit, Tanlines and Willis Earl Beal cut the tracks of the week, Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” video is worth spending a second with, and the comment section through it all was in fine form. It’s Friday afternoon and that means it is time to offer your congratulations to the winners/HOW DARE YOUs to the losers of this week’s Comment Wars, below:



Andrew Burr | Feb 24th Score:18

Man, all these stupid beefs are really gonna make me lose my mind, up in here.

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Cody Frederickson | Feb 27th Score:19

Yeah, everyone knows there can be only one non-white female musician at a time!

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Emptemtus Karsarian | Feb 28th Score:20

haha, this is a really funny article. you sound really smart (“I use big words”), but you’re arguments are really weak. the intro says you’re going to take on the “gender aesthetic” of Grimes, but you barely address that. and so what? you’re annoyed by her asexuality? you wish she used her “womanhood and sexuality as a source of power” (which frankly Fever Ray does not do and would probably take offense by the suggestion)? that’s fucking sexist. and maybe avoiding explicit sexuality ties into the fact that she wants to “operate from a robot zone” as you say…

As for hating on her robot qualities/ “negated humaness” (which is an aesthetic that Fever Ray DOES employ btw), at least it’s a deliberate and conscious decision. she obviously has a clear idea of what she wants to do and if you don’t appreciate her artistic intentions that’s fine, but don’t hate the fact that people resonate with it. Not everyone has the same reasons for enjoying her music, so don’t assume it’s because they think she’s “elf-like” (which IS an annoying thing to praise, and an image Bjork has had to combat previously; and yet you seem OK with her).


btw, the track you mention as “the fourth track” is actually the first. so. way to go, way to make your readers take your criticism seriuosly!

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#7 corban | Feb 27th Score:20

Right after I posted this, I got the LMFAO press release for their “Sorry For Party Rocking” world tour. I have a suspicion that they’re not sorry at all.

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Trevor Ikrath | Mar 1st Score:21

Hope she does a winter line as well. Might be too early to say, but I think she really might be capable of designing the best coats.

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#5 LeMonjello | Feb 28th Score:24

well, that’s a lot to think about and digest. But I think my first reaction is this: The fact that you do not like Grimes says more about you than it does her and what she does. It’s a good write-up of what your perceptions are, and why you may not prefer grimes and her approach. But I think overall it shows what you value in music, what your approach to appreciating music is. For example, I think if you use music as means of escapism, than Grime’s relationship to the information age, gender roles in indie music bluh bluh blluh etc. are totally irrelevant. It just matters if you like what you hear, it’s up to you i guess whether you explore the reasons behind that or not.
Maybe I’m just stating the obvious, but I get the feeling from your article that Grime’s should be doing something differently, or that her approach is somehow flawed or invalid, and that I disagree with.

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#4 Michael_ | Feb 24th Score:24

How can anyone possibly say all these mean things about someone who spent most of their life in a wheelchair?!

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#3 djfreshié | Feb 28th Score:25

“If it’s fun, don’t question it”
-People with Syphilis

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#2 old thompson | Feb 24th Score:29

seriously WTF now i have to delete all the djfreshie comments from my comment library AND burn all my freshie comment vinyls (i even have the white label of his FIRST EVER #1 comment) because i didn’t know he was a FAT FUCKING SELLOUT FOR UPVOTES

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Jimmy James | Feb 28th Score:35

Cats are notorious Radiohead haters.

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#5 Brandoch Daha | Feb 28th Score:-18

Somebody is supposed to write maybe a short sentence describing the music, to give me a rough sense of whether it might be worth clicking on the link to hear it. Stereogum does that pretty well, they have enough brains to put the music (or a link, if that’s the best they can do) right in the post for the reader’s convenience, and they do it with stuff I haven’t heard before, so they’re worth my time. I understand and applaud their desire to broaden their brand with critical essays and comment flamewars, but I regret that they’ll have to dilute the RSS feed to do it. That’s their business decision, of course.

In case you haven’t noticed, self-respecting women happily stand in line to fuck quite a lot of men you don’t approve of. And all you get is the occasional drunk mercy fuck who just wants to be friends afterwards.

Think about that long and hard, Mr. Sphincter. Or short and limp, if that’s more your style.

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#4 Brandoch Daha | Feb 28th Score:-19

Why do critics write such pompous crap? A fake intellectual trying to show off is like a Star Wars nerd telling you about his toy collection. It’s an inhumanly boring spew of meaningless non-information. Nobody but a like-minded retard can stay awake through it. Pro-tip: If Stereogum tacks on a disclaimer saying your views aren’t theirs, that’s your ticket to break up the droning monotony here and there with a little juvenile epater-la-bourgeoisie schtick. Some kind of brave, transgressive shit, like talk about shoving a yam up your cooze, or some shit. BUT NOT A PICTURE KTHX PLSFORGODSAKE. Whatever it takes, just wake the reader up now and then. Reward him for slogging through that far.

If you really must write about music, just tell us what the record sounds like and if they did it well or not. Better yet, since this is the internet, you can let us hear the music itself and spare us your godawful writing entirely.

As for Ms. Grimes, I see a lot of pictures and no audio, so I’ll make the only judgement I can: Yes, I’d totally do her. Doubt I’d do Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, even if she’s bangable. She might want to talk.

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Butchy Butch | Feb 28th Score:-19

Um… no, no and.. no.

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Brett Danzer | Feb 28th Score:-20


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#1 Michael_ | Feb 27th Score:-20

Sorry Regina, but with Fiona coming back and Florence + the Adele Machine having placed a stronghold with the younger crop, your mediocre piano-based alt-pop is no longer needed. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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Trevor Ikrath | Mar 1st Score:21

Hope she does a winter line as well. Might be too early to say, but I think she really might be capable of designing the best coats.

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  crania americana | Feb 29th Score:14

It’s a shame they had to air out their dirty laundry so publicly. One wonders if they ever had the chance to get down to the heart of the matter. What about the average young female Frank Ocean fan? All she wants to do is dance! It’s amusing how legal action like this can be threatened in a new york minute. Frank Ocean will likely never be able to perform this song at festivals for the boys of summer. This just proves that there is not enough love in the world.

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