New Kayo Dot – “Blue Lambency Downward”

Earlier this week we posted a couple MP3s from Gregor Samsa, the multi-city minimalist collective that shares members with Kayo Dot. Now we turn our gaze toward KD. Led by Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya, the NYC sextet just released their third album Blue Lambency Downward on Isis man Aaron Turner’s Hydra Head records. The opening, title track is a mysterious 10-minute meandering of bells like crickets, bursts of patient guitar, jazzy drum fills (kept to a toppling spaciousness), electronic pulses, and chiming vocal melodies. It kinda feels like a psychedelic boat trip piloted by Ghost, albeit it with bigger “pop” tendencies.

Kayo Dot – “Blue Lambency Downward” (MP3)

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Blue Lambency Downward is out on Hydra Head. They just finished a US tour with Earth and are now en route to Europe, often with sister band Gregor Samsa:

05/26 – Paris, France @ Main d’Oeuvres w/ Gregor Samsa
05/27 – Amiens, France @ Le Grand Wazoo w/ Gregor Samsa
05/28 – Luzerne, Switzerland @ Treibhaus w/ Gregor Samsa
05/30 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ Dqliq w/ Gregor Samsa
05/31 – Munster, Germany @ Gleis 22 w/ Gregor Samsa
06/01 – Duisburg, Germany @ Steinbruch w/ Gregor Samsa
06/02 – Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
06/03 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Lades Kaelder
06/04 – Dresden, Germany @ Az Conni
06/05 – Prague, Czech Republic @ Chateau Rouge
06/06 – Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk
06/07 – Frankfurt, Germany @ Elfer
06/08 – Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Worm

[Photo by S.J. Dunietz]

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