Amber Tamblyn, Hip-Hop Star

So, here’s something that happened, apparently; the R&B singer Tyrese was on an e-mail chain with Amber Tamblyn, and since Amber’s e-mail is some permutation of “Amber” and “Rose” (her middle name), Tyrese mistook her for the current Wiz Khalifa/former Kanye West flame Amber Rose, who is now a recording artist herself, obviously. There was a correspondence — fully, gloriously detailed Street Carnage — in which Amber sent over some demos of her “awareness raps” (sample titles: “All In Favor,” “Contraception Matters”). And though your impulse might be to ignore raps created by someone who starred in Joan Of Arcadia, please mute that impulse cuz they’re charming in their goofiness, especially the “Someone Great”-sampling “All In Favor.” “Who wants to get Mexican food? / Jay-Z, do something!” Tamblyn waxes. They’re below.

Maybe a collabo album between Tamblyn and fiancée David Cross is in the works? Probably not, but sky’s the limit, now that she’s stepped into the rap arena.