Caribou Video – “Irene”

Before “Handsome Dick” Manitoba lost his mind and threatened to sue Dan Snaith a few years ago, the Canadian electro psychedelicist was named after one of his homeland’s provinces. Now, splitting the difference, he’s named after an animal that resides there. Fuck you, “Handsome Dick.” Anyhow, the Natural Geographic friendly video for Andorra’s “Irene” splices together footage of other furry, feathered, scaled, slimy, and ribbed (yes, ribbed) creatures who you might come across during a hike or swim.

UPDATE: Sorry, the newness of is unclear. But we hadn’t seen it, so maybe you haven’t either? Either way, it’s worth a watch because it is Caribou and therefore awesome.


Or, in the contest of this warping hymn, some kind of drug-induced astral projection. The sunny psychedelics of Andorra remain great, as do the more Kraut tendencies of The Milk Of Human Kindness, which we’ve found ourselves spinning around the office (read: apartment) of late. So in its own way, in the end, the move from Manitoba has been, well, totally great.

Andorra is out via Merge.

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