Yeasayer’s Odd Blood Revealed

Save for “Tightrope,” it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Yeasayer beyond its members’ cameos (SMD, B4L), production work, and remixes. That’ll change in early 2010 (not 2080) when the Brooklyn group releases LP2 Odd Blood. (Still no artwork, but with a title like that, we’re hoping for something appropriately evocative.) Blood’s 10 tracks were put together in Woodstock and New York city. In our March Progress Report, Anand Wilder shared some photos and discussed technique:

“We’re very computer-based. We’re not purists in any way. If a Protools plug-in can achieve the same kind of sound as an analog effect, then we’ll use it. People say Yeasayer is much better live and has more energy. But for us it’s about getting a recording we’re happy with and then replicating that in a live setting, but making the two things very distinct.”

Or, as the press release phrases things:

Odd Blood took many layers to finalize, but with all things Yeasayer the outcome is spectacular. Filled with Yeasayer’s own take on pop pleasures and experimentation, the band has once again carved its own path through that ice cold glacier that is modern pop/rock.

The icepicks:

01 “The Children”
02 “Ambling Alp”
03 “Madder Red”
04 “I Remember”
05 “O.N.E.”
06 “Love Me Girl”
07 “Rome”
08 “Strange Reunions”
09 “Mondegreen”
10 “Grizelda”

Here are some live previews from a July gig on the Terrace at UW Madison.


“Madder Red”

“Ambling Alp” & “Tightrope”

“I Remember”

Odd Blood is out 2/9 via Secretly Canadian. Yeasayer are set to play the Guggenheim 10/30, a day they’ll also reportedly release more news at their @Odd Blood Twitter and associated sites.

[Photo by Guy Aroch]

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