New Portishead Video – “The Rip”

“In my thoughts I have bled for the riddles I’ve been fed. Another lie moves over.” Even on one of the most warmed tracks from Portishead’s amazing Third LP, Beth is wounded, afraid inside her head, falling through changes, and essentially elaborating on the album’s already iconic opening mantra. That said, and for all that heavyness, yay this is just great. Just this weekend we were crowing in bar talk about Portishead’s Coachella triumph being the single most goosebumpy set of live music we expected to see this year; waking up to a new video is a great way to ease into the blog week.

Like the premiere of the “Machine Gun” video, you’ll need to submit an email addy of your very own forgery. Unlike that clip, there is no live footage of Gibbons, Geoff, or Adrian — just fittingly creepy/beautiful, surrealist animation. But aside from visuals and video access, you can add “The Rip” to “Machine Gun” as two equally intense, sonically stark tracks documenting Portishead’s growth — one with a stabbing and icy drum machine salvo, the other with a seamless shift from fingerpicked acoustic to electronic sea swells — guaranteeing them not only comeback of the year, but maybe band of the year, too.

Anyway! Watch it there.

UPDATE: Actually, watch it here:

Third is out via Mercury/Island.

[From Coachella ’08. More pics here.]

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