New Field Music – “Measure”

When Field Music gave us a Progress Report a few weeks into recording their third album, David Brewis noted:

I’ve been rediscovering my teenage love of the Black Crowes’ third album. There’s going to be something to offend everything on this record. That’s the plan.

Who knows if they succeeded in said plan, but the brothers Brewis have returned from their post-Tones Of Town hiatus with a fury, offering up the 20-track double album Measure. Beyond the black Crowes, they also told Jessica their time apart in School Of Language (David) and The Week That Was (Peter) had honed their songwriting and playing skills. Take a listen to the lilting string-lined title track to see if you agree with any of the above.

Field Music – “Measure” (MP3)

01 “In the Mirror”
02 “Them That Do Nothing”
03 “Each Time Is A New Time”
04 “Measure”
05 “Effortlessly”
06 “Clear Water”
07 “Lights Up”
08 “All You’d Ever Need To Say”
09 “Let’s Write A Book”
10 “You And I”
11 “The Rest Is Noise”
12 “Curves Of The Needle”
13 “Choosing Numbers”
14 “The Wheels Are In Place”
15 “First Come The Wish”
16 “Precious Plans”
17 “See You Later”
18 “Something Familiar”
19 “Share The Words”
20 “It’s About Time”

Measure is out 2/16 via Memphis Industries/Revolver.