Futureheads Do “Radio Heart” In A Black Cab

It’s nice to see Barry Hyde so excited about This Is Not The World standout “Radio Heart.” In fact, the Futureheads frontman puts so much effort into his one-man Black Cab Session of the tune that his teeth fell out (see accompanying photo for proof). We kid, he does have some teeth left, but he definitely puts his back into this one. Like he really is looking for a girl with a radio heart. And, for all that, his hair doesn’t budge. Which is maybe why he’s still looking.

It feels like we’ve been anticipating This Is Not the World for quite a while, and all we get are these little teases. Looking forward to having the entire story, sirs.

This Is Not The World is out in UK on 5/26, and 5/27 in the US, via Nul.