My Morning Jacket Bring Their “Amazed,” “Evil Urges” To SNL

This weekend’s MacGruber-friendly Saturday Night Live episode featured Shia The Motherfucking Beef and musical guest My Morning Jacket. Jim James probably didn’t want to scare America and so he kept “Highly Suspicious” on the sidelines. Instead MMJ catered to the jammier elements of Evil Urges, with southern rocking “I’m Amazed” and the Dead-inflected verses/Allmans-Skynyrd rapid-fire guitar harmonies of “Urges.” Jim brought out his falsetto for the occasion, sounding smooth as it did in Indio, and he couldn’t help himself to at least one bit of meta-showmanship (check the frozen-image pose at both performances’ end). Here’s “Evil Urges”:

That shit was incroyable. We’re still waiting on a benevolent YouTuber to upload “I’m Amazed” (UPDATE: found it, thanks all) so instead here’s the evening’s other rock-oriented performance, featuring Shia and Samberg in their underpants.

But first, “I’m Amazed”:

Now the best worst look in the world:

The Digital Short well could use a refill, wethinks. Our favorite sketch in awhile: The Match Game spoof (featuring impressions of Charles Nelson Reilly, Nipsy Russell, Marcia Wallace, and hilariously, Doug Henning).

Sweet ’70s satire. Incroyable. Damn we love Jean K Jean.