New Ratatat – “Shiller” & LP3 Album Art

Ratatat, the 12-stringed New York electro duo of Evan Mast and Mike Stroud, are releasing their third album and Classics follow up LP3 at the beginning of July. To sate appetites, though, there’s a vinyl-only 7″ single out now with album track “Shiller” and future album track “Mahalo.” As they write on the 7″ sleeve, “Yes, it’s a B-side from the follow-up to a record that hasn’t even come out yet. It’s totally from the future, man!” Impressive guys. As far as “Shiller,” it’s a plaintive, purring down-tempo bit of noh drama that opens into a proggy wonderland, only to burrow further into the well.

Ratatat – “Shiller” (MP3)

Tip of the cap to the Gorilla. If you want a cool pairing suggestion, try following “Shiller” up with Religious Knives’ “Luck.” iTunes just did it to us randomly, and it’s sorta stunning.

LP3 is out 7/8 on XL. We don’t know too much about what it’ll sound like, but we do know what it’ll look like:

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