New That Ghost – “Never Have Fun” & “Your Backs”

As mentioned when we posted “The Red Bow,” 19-year-old Santa Rosa resident Ryan Schmale, who records as That Ghost, approaches low-fidelity in a different way than some of his other one-person band peers. Last time I brought up the sound of Guided By Voices in some of his tracks. That’s not always there — as “The Red Bow” suggested — but it’s that kind of atmospherically rich fragmentation I think when listening to his brief pop tracks. He has a single coming out next month. The loping A-Side “Never Have Fun,” which first appeared on his Young Fridays LP, will be familiar to That Ghost stalwarts. You can also hear the downcast acoustic/whiskey-lined “Your Backs,” which shows up on Side B.

That Ghost – “Never Have Fun” (MP3)
That Ghost – “Your Backs” (MP3)
(via Transparent)

“Never Have Fun”/”Your Backs” is out 11/2 via Transparent.

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