Let The Arcade Fire 2010 Rumor Mill Begin

Perhaps not content with inspiring Where The Wild Things Are or doing an original soundtrack for Richard Kelly’s possibly ridiculous horror flick The Box (“I seriously thought Cameron Diaz was doing that thing where you put on an exaggerated Southern accent as a joke!” -Videogum.com), it looks like maybe Arcade Fire are working on a Neon Bible followup. At least that’s what TwentyFourBit’s trying to piece together. Hey, nice new press photo…

For starters, yes, of course, Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, and Owen Pallett are scoring Kelly’s film, regardless of what Butler says. (Those are likely samples in the trailer.) And here’s where TwentyFourBit started their sleuthing:

…[W]hat about an official soundtrack release? The Playlist asked that very question recently, speculating on possible issues with the film (pushed back release date, etc.), but the real clue lies in director Richard Kelly’s response to the non-troversy on Twitter:

The band is hard at work recording the new Arcade Fire album. They will release the score at some point, when it does not conflict with their album release schedule for their record label.

The film’s out 11/6 in the US. Something we just spotted at Owen Pallett’s Twitter:

@JRichardKelly It’s our own personal tribute to the Blade Runner soundtrack. We’ll put it out in 2041. Okay witchu?

The second bit of info TwentyFourBit looks at is the shifting of Arcade Fire’s tour availability, which switched from n/a to “2010: TBA.” You can see for yourself at their booking agent’s site. Finally, there’s this:

[H]ere’s Win Butler to NME this past summer: “None of us want to take three years making a record. It could be that we’ll play live [soon] and maybe we’ll end up bashing it out fast. We’re in the middle of writing, things are coming together, it’s a great feeling.”

While we’re pushing things, wonder why their Facebook will getting more use in the coming months?

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, an anonymous tipster writes in to say “Arcade Fire have been in the Magic Shop studio for the last three weeks working on their long awaited Neon Bible followup.”