Guitar Lessons From Vampire Weekend, Tegan & Sara, The National

If you’re tired of practicing old folk tunes, Beatles songs, Mel Bay, or whatever, Q TV’s new series “How To” With Q features various indie rock luminaries walking you through the guitar parts of some of their popular songs. A series like this is long overdue. Not sure how many we’ll get, but so far there’s the suddenly ubiquitous “A Punk,” Tegan & Sara’s “Walking With A Ghost,” Aaron Desnner walking us through “Fake Empire,” and Sondre Lerche getting epic on “To Be Surprised.” Lerche’s lesson is almost 13 minutes long, advanced players. The “self-taught guitarist” Quin — who also recommends making your voice sound “a bit like a chipmunk and a bit like Cindy Lauper” — is done in under three minutes. So let’s start there.

Sara Quin – “Walking With A Ghost”

Vampire Weekend – “A Punk”

The National – “Fake Empire”

Sondre Lerche – “To Be Surprised”

Once you’re cool with those, you might want to try this.