Grizzly Dan Is Blessed With Patrick Stewart, Paul Simon, And Makes A Fan Out Of Groban

Earlier this year, some sad news developed for Polaroid-loving hipsters (after the requisite wrist waving and blowing, of course): Polaroid is ceasing production on all instant film, thereby obsoleting your blog. So Tumblrers and Typepadders alike will want to consume their remaining stock selectively and judiciously. If you’re looking for some pointers on how to know What Time is the Right Time for Polaroid Time?, take some tips from Grizzly Bear’s own Dan Rossen, who’s laid out a picture perfect spread. The basic ingredients include one I Am Too Blessed 2 Be Stressed t-shirt (black), and one singer-songwriter and/or Captain Jean Luc Picard. Do this and your photos will kick ass always.

Dan + Sufjan.

Dan + Charles Xavier.

Dan + Al.

Dan + Gillian.

Yep, Josh Groban at the end there. Obviously, most of these were shot at Paul Simon’s Grizzly/Gillian/Grobanified BAM residency night. After thumbing through Entertainment Weekly last night, it looks like the Grizz made quite an impression on Josh:

[Click the Grizzly Bear CD to better read the caption.]

Congratulations Grizzly Bear, you just made Josh Groban’s Must List. Your moms are probably proud! And if his core commenter demographic is any indication, your moms will also be asking you for an intro. More shots from Dan’s What Time Is The Right Time To Polaroid Guide at the Grizzly blog.