Vaura – “Drachma” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Last month, we posted “Drachma,” a brooding prog-metal churn that radiated absolute disdain in all directions. Today, we’ve got the video. It’s a fairly epic high-contrast black-and-white affair, full of waves crashing and golden faces melting. Tiffany Frances directs. Watch the clip, download the track, and check out the band’s forthcoming tour dates below.

Vaura – “Drachma”

And now, those dates:

3/14 – New York, NY @ Home Sweet Home
3/18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio (with Mario Diaz De Leon, Requiem)
3/31 – Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly (with Alcest, Deafheaven)
4/01 – New Haven, CT @ Lily’s Pad (with Alcest)
4/02 – Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar (with Alcest)
4/20 – New York, NY @ The Stone
4/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio (with Kayo Dot, Dysryhthmia)

Vaura’s album Selenelion is out now on Wierd.