New Jamie Lidell – “Little Bit Of Feel Good” (Son Lux Remix)

Ryan Lott, aka multi-instrumental anticon electro-sound sculptor/singer Son Lux offers a remix of “A Little Bit Of Feel Good” that doesn’t involve seducing a unicorn lady. Bummer! It also doesn’t include a bevy of dancing mimes for Lidell to heal with his sweet sounds or much of the instrumentation from Jim’s lead track, actually. Which is why it’s more than fitting it arrived to us retitled “Just The Sound Of Your Voice.” Yes, you are the “your,” Jamie, and it’s plenty of your voice.

Jamie Lidell – “A Lttle Bit Of Feel Good” (Son Lux Remix) (MP3)

Nice. And always nice to hear a genuinely creative, thematic remix. You still get plenty of that blue-eyed neo-soul, but when the nugget’s clipped and the vocals looped with extra percussive taps like that, it makes that “Little Bit Of Feel Good” feel more urgent. Hopefully that doesn’t screw up your horseback riding, Jamie.

Jim is out via Warp.