The 5 Most Memorable SXSW Sets Of The Past 5 Years

The “discovery” function of SXSW faded long ago, when the internet democratized access to information and YouTube brought every band’s live show to everyone’s laptops. And at SXSW, this annual cattle call of overbooked bands playing shitty sounding rooms to attention-addled industry types, it’s tough to cut through the noise and make an impression. So, for your benefit, but also maybe a little bit for ours, too, here’s a post to remind that classic sets do happen at SXSW, via five instant vintage SXSW shows we experienced over the past five years. Maybe this will revitalize your flagging faith in the prospect of making some lifelong, sheerly music-based memories during March in Austin. (The taco and tequila memories are a dime a dozen.)